Creating Lasting Change for Climate Communication

The Climate Communication Project has successfully run its course, and our guidance for how to be more engaging when communicating about climate has been published, but we would like our journey and experiences to create a lasting impact on the climate communications field. To share the lessons we’ve learned along the way, the challenges we faced, and our achievements, we have produced a summative evaluation report.

This evaluation report, Creating Lasting Change for Climate Communication, offers a summary of what we set out to achieve and captures insights about how we achieved our objectives, including ways in which others could develop our ideas.

Creating Lasting Change for Climate Communication

The findings presented in our evaluation report have been collected through interviews with the project team, online comments and interactions, audience feedback at our workshops, online altmetrics, and face-to-face conversations.

Climate Communication in Practicewhich details the current capacity of the UK for engaging public with climate change and offers a set of best practice principles, is available on our website.

Photo: National Centre for Coordinating Public Engagement, Engage Conference 2018

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