The Climate Communication Project will be running a series of workshops throughout 2018. Our workshops are designed to bring people together to talk about public engagement with climate change. At different events, we will challenge climate researchers, communication experts, and members of the public to share their knowledge, experiences and expertise on engagement with climate change.

Our Project Meetings will be the primary forum for our leadership team and project partners to discuss the auditing and evaluation of current UK capacity on public engagement with climate change.

Our Expert Elicitation Workshops will support our synthesis of existing knowledge on public engagement with climate change. Climate and communication experts will discuss the current evidence base on public engagement with climate change, and form a set of confidence statements to share with the wider community.

  • The Expert Elicitation Workshops will take place through a combination of online and in-person meetings.

Our Co-Production Workshops will be running in Bristol and Manchester, lead by Dr Sam Illingworth.

  • 29th January 2018, Bristol: Co-Production with The Avonmouth Community Centre
  • 19th February 2018, Stockport: Co-Production with Disability Stockport
  • 22nd February 2018, Manchester: Co-Production with Manchester Faith Groups

To find out more about our workshops, or if you think you can help to support our project, please get in touch.