Individual and structural level action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions: beyond recycling

One of the key questions for anyone concerned about climate change mitigation is: “what must we do about it?” For climate change communication and engagement projects that translates to: “what recommendation should we be giving to people or policy makers in order to reduce emissions?” In climate change action one might distinguish between individual level

How psychological distance and personal experiences influence perceptions of and response to climate change

Many people think of climate change as an issue that is predominantly distant and abstract. This blog post elaborates on these perceptions and talks about if and how they may change because of communications or personal experiences of climate-related weather events. Climate change as a psychologically distant issue Surveys show that many people think of

Time for a climate communication audit

Over the last decade, the level of interest in climate change communication has grown rapidly – there’s now a huge number of people, organisations and institutions involved in the theory and practice of public engagement. In part, the enthusiasm for public engagement has come from the realisation that without significant and sustained public support, technological

The Climate Communication Project

The Climate Communication Project is a collaboration between academics and practitioners working on public engagement with climate change. Through an ‘audit’ of UK capacity and expertise on climate change communication, a synthesis of key research findings, and by listening to a range of community groups’ views and needs, we’re producing a new resource that will help


The Climate Communication Project will be sharing resources, asking questions and collecting information online. To help us reach science communicators, you can use the hashtag #theclimatecommsproject when talking about our project or sharing our resources. Nathan BettsNathan is helping to deliver evaluation and digital content for the Climate Communication Project. He is also the Communications